Patient Centric Health Reform – “Mevolution”

So, we got a new word “Me” evolution.


Mevolution – an evolution of “me”dicine towards a more “me” centric approach.


Patient Centric- The NIH defines patientcentered care as follows: “health care that establishes a partnership among practitioners, patients, and their families (when appropriate) to ensure that decisions respect patients‘ wants, needs and preferences and solicit patients‘ input on the education and support they need to make decisions.

That’s enough of definitions.


I want to through this series of posts create a reform to mobilize the society in general towards a health care system where the patient is as involved and responsible for the healthcare he/she is receiving as the doctor is for providing it.


It is an attempt to make every individual an active participant in their treatment. It’s time to change positions from being a mere passenger in the journey of treatment to taking charge.


By taking charge I don’t mean to start doubting your doctor. They are qualified people who are trained to take care of you, and in most of the circumstances do so to the best of their capability. But actively getting involved in your treatment will not only benefit you and bring clarity to you so as to why and how this procedure is being done, but also help the doctor know your exact experience of the problem and what are you expecting from the treatment.


So, let’s try to create a mutually beneficial health care environment.



Now that you have got what I am up to, in the next post I will be talking about why is this reform required in detail.

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